The Walk-In - Logan Square

The Walk-In

Logan Square, Chicago
2727 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60647

Phone: (773) 697-8726

Monday-Friday: 5pm-2am
Saturday: 12pm-3am
Sunday: 12pm-2am

Happy Hour Specials Monday through Friday from 5 PM - 8 PM

  • Dog-Friendly!

Friendly as fuck. Yep, fuck. I said it. I cursed. It’s only because it’s genuine. It’s okay though because at The Walk-In, it’s their motto (their website domain too) and they sure live up to it.

Walk in The Walk-In (this joke never gets old) through the main door or come through the RedStar Liquor Store. The marquee above showcases who will be DJing this coming weekend at The Walk-In because Fridays and Saturdays are your place to chill, listen to music, have amazing drinks and meet some awesome ass people.

The brick backed scaffolding compliments the L-shaped wooden bar lined with comfy deep red fabric lined bar stools. The entire establishment is lit with low lighting which adds to the warm, welcoming feel that draws in anyone passing by.  The 60’s/70’s music style allows for a retro feel with upscale drinks, but without the pretentious crowd. No one wants the pretentious crowd.

Not feeling the bar at the moment, there are also homey booth style alcoves for sitting and chatting with your companions. Just sit back. Relax. Chill out. Listen to the music grace your ears because you were smart enough to choose this bar. Your life will forever be changed.

Everyone is welcome at The Walk-In. People (obviously), Dogs, and snakes as well. Your dogs can have companions while you share a drink with others because I know you couldn’t say goodbye to your furbaby for the night. There are water bowls for the pups and there is always water available for you too at the Hydration Station. So while you drink, you can also get water wasted too.

Forget about the water for a minute though, because the cocktails rock here. Glass bottles filled with syrups, baskets filled with fresh fruit, which will be cut in a unique design, not just to garnish, but because each fruit is complimenting the drink.  It’s the second element, but it is equally refreshing. You can sit at the bar and smell the basil that makes your mouth water for a Go-Go Gimlet.

The Go-Go Gimlet is my favorite happy hour special made with vodka, homemade ginger syrup, fresh basil & lime. You can sit at the bar and smell, then literally taste the basil used in this drink. Order this drink during the Happy Hour for $5. There are specials offered between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. every weekday and trust me, you will not be disappointed.

New to the bar, try the house shot or the many other cocktails. The Flat Stanley comprises of mezcal, Campari, citrus, squirt, and the perfect dash of salt.  Not your flavor, try the Get Rich Negroni which holds gin, Suze, celery, and Cocchi. Another favorite of mine at the bar is the ColoradoBulldog. It tastes like dessert and gives you all the warm and fuzzies with vodka, coffee, coconut and ½ & ½ cola.

The Walk-In now serves hot drinks to combat the frozen tundra feels of Chicago.  Coming soon is a scotch-based “Irish” coffee.  A warm drink to keep the night going, or one on Sunday to start to nurse that lovely hangover you have.

If you are not a cocktail person, it doesn’t mean you are not welcome.  With rotating beers on tap and many, many bottles and cans, you are sure to be happy no matter what.

The Walk-In doesn’t serve food but doesn’t mean you can’t order in. Call over to The HardingTavern or Cafe con Leche and your food will be delivered to you. So it’s basically like The Walk Inserves food.

When it isn’t freezing outside, the outdoor patio is a lovely place to sit, share some drinks and enjoy the warm air. You still feel like you are part of the bar because when it’s hot out, the garage doors are always up. You can hear the music from inside the bar, listen to the chatter of the bartenders and patrons, and say hello to anyone who walks on by.

On Sundays, you can start having a cocktail at noon. In the summer you can enjoy that sunshine with a delicious Bloody Mary or when football season comes around watch a game on the retractable screen. Either way, have a Bloody Mary in hand.

Each night, you can bet that shakers are lined up. The beers are stocked. The liquor bottles are ready to be poured. The bulletin boards above the bar tell what cocktails are the new specialty you should indulge in. All of these elements bring the delightful encounter of making new friends, solidifying older ones, and feeling at home in a place that doesn’t accommodate beds. Doesn’tmean that you won’t be having your nightcap here before heading home for the evening.

So have a drink. Play card. Shoot darts. Dance your life away. The Walk-In may be a cozy small place, but man, does it have a big personality. Because, two shakes and a cocktail, garage doors up or down, no matter what, you’ll have a great fucking time.

At The Walk-In, being friendly as fuck isn’t just being hospitable, it’s just who they are.